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Deborah Taylor Tate

Deborah Taylor Tate was a Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). She was nominated by President George W. Bush on 2005-11-09, for the remainder of the term expiring 2007-06-30. She was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate on 2005-12-21, and sworn in as FCC Commissioner on 2006-01-03. She has spoken out in favor of Digital Rights Management and suggested TV may be a contributing factor in childhood obesity.[1]

In April 2007, the Center for Public Integrity reported that Tate, a Nashville native, received talking points on how to best oppose the pending merger between satellite radio firms XM and Sirius from a representative of Clear Channel, a terrestrial radio company opposing the deal.[2]

On December 30, 2008 the FCC announced that Tate would be resigning from office; as one of the three Republican commissioners, her departure was a sure thing given the new Barack Obama administration was set to take office in early January.[3] In June 2009, President Obama nominated Mignon L. Clyburn to take her place.


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