Deborah Turner Harris

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Deborah Turner Harris
Born 1951
Occupation Author
Genre Fantasy

Deborah Turner Harris (born 1951 in Pennsylvania), is an American fantasy author, best known for her collaborations with Katherine Kurtz. She lives in Scotland and is married to Scottish author Robert J. Harris.


Mages of Garillon[edit]

  1. The Burning Stone (1986)
  2. The Gauntlet of Malice (1987)
  3. Spiral of Fire (1989)


  1. Caledon of the Mists (1994)
  2. The Queen of Ashes (1995)
  3. The City of Exile (1997)

The Adept[edit]

(with Katherine Kurtz)

  • Book I: The Adept (1991)
  • Book II: The Lodge of the Lynx (1992)
  • Book III: The Templar Treasure (1993)
  • Book IV: Dagger Magic (1995)
  • Book V: Death of an Adept (1996)

Knights Templar books[edit]

(with Katherine Kurtz)

  • Book I: The Temple And the Stone (1998)
  • Book II: The Temple and the Crown (April 2001)

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