Debout Congolais

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Debout Congolais
English: Arise Congolese
(Stand Up, Congolese!)
Coat of arms of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg

National anthem of  Democratic Republic of the Congo
Lyrics Joseph Lutumba, 1960
Music Simon-Pierre Boka di Mpasi Londi, 1960
Adopted 1960 (independence)
1997 (reinstated)
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"Debout Congolais" (Arise Congolese) is the national anthem of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was first adopted in 1960[1] upon independence from Belgium, but was replaced by La Zaïroise when Congo changed its name to Zaire in 1971.[2] It was finally reinstated when Congo was reorganized in 1997. The words are by Joseph Lutumba and the music is by Simon-Pierre Boka di Mpasi Londi.


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