Debra Arbec

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Debra Arbec
Nationality Canadian
Alma mater Concordia University
Occupation journalist

Debra Arbec is a Canadian journalist.


Arbec grew up in Rawdon, Quebec. She has a degree in broadcast journalism from Concordia University. She has been married to CTV Montreal sportscaster Brian Wilde since 2006 and is an avid runner.

Arbec began her on-air career in Montreal in 1989.[1] For 13 years, she worked at CTV Montreal, beginning December in 1997 as weekend anchor and news reporter. In 2003, she stepped up to the Monday to Friday at 11:30 anchor position. That same year, she began her segment called Debra Arbec’s My Montreal which ran weekly on the newscast and featured the culture and traditions of multi-ethnic Montreal.

On May 11, 2011 she announced that she was leaving CTV Montreal and made her debut on Monday, July 4, 2011 as the main co-anchor of the supper-hour newscast at CBC Montreal with Andrew Chang, replacing the departed Jennifer Hall.


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