Debra Cowan

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Debra Cowan
Debra cowan.jpg
Debra Cowan in 2009.
Background information
Genres Traditional folk music
Labels Falling Mountain Music

Debra Cowan is a singer based in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.[1][2]


Debra Cowan had worked as middle school maths teacher, until, in 1997, she decided to quit and pursue her desire to sing. For 6 month she had lived in Edinburgh, Scotland where she learned the art of unaccompanied singing.[3]

After her return to the USA, in 1998, she began traveling and performing all over New England, in folk clubs or festivals like the Old Songs Festival and Broadstairs Folk Week.[4]

Specializing primarily in traditional songs, often maritime-themed, she tours regularly in the United Kingdom and the United States.[5] Rich Warren of the Midnight Special gave her CD, Fond Desire Farewell, an honorable mention in his list "Rich Warren's Past Favorites" for 2008.[6]

Present career[edit]

She has released five full-length recordings, which were praised in the USA as well as in the UK. Debra has collaborated with Dave Mattacks, Brooks Williams, Joyce Andersen and Bill Cooley (Kathy Mattea, Reba McEntire). Her third recording, “Fond Desire Farewell”, was produced by former Fairport Convention drummer Dave Mattacks.[7]

She has performed on American live radio shows such as WFMT’s Folkstage, hosted by Rich Warren and Tom May’s River City Folk.[8]

Debra is a proud member of American Federation of Musicians Local 1000.[9]

Private life[edit]

She is currently living in Central Massachusetts with her husband, Kevin and their two cats, Hazel and Haku.[10] 


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