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Debra W. Soh
Born1990 (age 28–29)
ResidenceToronto, Ontario, Canada
Alma mater

Debra W. Soh (born 1990) is a Canadian science columnist, political commentator, and former sex researcher.[1]


Soh holds a Ph.D. in psychology from York University in Toronto. Her dissertation was titled Functional and Structural Neuroimaging of Paraphilic Hypersexuality in Men.[2]


Soh is a columnist for and The Globe and Mail.[3] She began hosting Quillette's Wrongspeak podcast with Jonathan Kay in May 2018.[1]

In August 2017, Soh wrote a column for The Globe and Mail[4] and contributed to an article at Quillette[5] defending engineer James Damore's memo "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber".

Soh was described as a member of the "intellectual dark web" by New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss,[6] after Soh argued against medical gender transition for minors in a 2015 op-ed.[7] She left academia following backlash against the essay.[8] Soh has also written against anti-conversion therapy laws which include both sexual orientation and gender identity, believing that such laws conflate the two and prevent legitimate therapeutic counseling for individuals with gender dysphoria.[9] She believes that the current societal view to allow for gender transition in childhood is mostly based on homophobia due to studies which show that many transgender children will desist and detransition in adolescent and early adulthood and come out as homosexuals.[10]


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