Debs and Errol

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Debs & Errol
Debs & Errol Perform at Lee's Palace
Debs & Errol Perform at Lee's Palace
Background information
OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada
Genresparody, singer-songwriter, filk music, geek music
Instrument(s)piano, guitar, ukulele
Years active2011–2015
MembersDeborah Isaac (guitar, ukulele)
Errol Elumir (piano)

Debs & Errol was a Toronto, Ontario-based comedy, musical duo consisting of Deborah Isaac (on guitar, ukulele) and Errol Elumir (piano). They are known for performing geek music, originals and parodies, including songs about Totoro,[1] Star Wars, Star Trek,[2] Sherlock,[3] and other similar themes.

Their work has been featured on Wired's website[4] and their "Geek Love Song" was featured in a segment of CBC Radio's Here and Now (Toronto), for their Valentine's Contest, in February 2012.[5]


The band started when a mutual friend asked them separately to be musical acts in a geeky theatre showcase. They decided to pair up and started a website, social media, and T-shirts in one week. They write many songs that are funny and emphasize geeky topics.[6]

Debs & Errol announced their retirement on their website on 15 January 2015.[7]

Public Performances[edit]

They often make appearances at pop culture conventions, including performing at the Ottawa Comiccon,[8] being guests of honor at Orycon 35[9] and the Ohio Valley Filk Festival.[10] They regularly perform at nontraditional music venues such as improv shows and geek theatre showcases.[11][12]

Other Projects[edit]

Daily Webcomic[edit]

Debs & Errol have a daily webcomic (except Sundays). Errol said, "That happened by accident, really. I wanted to put out a CD and I thought, foolishly, we could get it done in a short amount of time. Considering I had created the characters for our logo, I decided to do a daily comic so that people could keep coming back every day until the CD was done."[13]


Debs & Errol first met through National Novel Writing Month and have been huge supporters of the organization ever since. Since then, they have written a musical about NaNoWriMo, and Errol pens the NaNoToons, the webcomic for NaNoWriMo.

In 2012, Debs & Errol did a Project for Awesome video for NaNoWriMo, helping them win first place.[14][15][16]


In 2012, they successfully crowdfunded their first CD, Songs in the Key of Geek.

In 2013, they ran a successful Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds for their EP CTRL+ALT+DUETS.


Albums available on CD[edit]

  • Songs in the Key of Geek (April 2012)

Online-only releases[edit]

  • CTRL+ALT+DUETS (October 2013)
  • NaNoMusical 2012 Soundtrack (EP) (November 2012) – Written by Debs & Errol but not performed


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