Debtor Nation

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Debtor Nation: The History of America in Red Ink
First edition cover
Author Louis Hyman
Country United States
Language English
Genre History
Publisher Princeton University Press
Publication date
January 2011
Media type Print Hardcover
Pages 392
ISBN 978-0-691-14068-1

Debtor Nation: The History of America in Red Ink is a book written by Harvard economic historian Louis Hyman and published by Princeton University Press in 2011.[1]


The book argues that in order to understand the rise of our contemporary debt-driven economy, we must look back at the history of American markets and American policy in the 20th century.

The book combines the methods of economic, business, political, and social history.[2]


The book is arranged into nine chapters, spanning the twentieth century.

In popular culture[edit]

Hyman's arguments in Debtor Nation inform his explanations of the financial crisis in David Sington's documentary The Flaw, which premiered at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival in November 2010.[3]

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