Debub Misraqawi Zone

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Debub Misraqawi (or "Southeastern") or Zoba Enderta is one of Zones in the Ethiopian Region of Tigray. Debub Misraqawi is bordered on the south by Debubawi (Southern) Zone, on the southeast by the Amhara Region, on the northeast by Mehakelegnaw (Central) Zone, on the north by Misraqawi (Eastern) Zone, and on the east by the Afar Region. Mek'ele Special Zone is surrounded by Debub Misraqawi. Debub Misraqawi was separated from Debubawi Zone.


As the zone was created after the census of 2007, it is hard to find correct data about the population of zone. The estimated size of population according to 2007 census conducted by the CSA is 392,142, of which 21,125 or 5.39% were urban dwellers.[1]


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