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DécaNation is an annual track and field meeting organized by the French Athletics Federation (Fédération Française d'Athlétisme) since 2005. The competition comprises national teams of athletes competing in a decathlon, with each athlete competing in their specialised event to score points for their respective countries.[1] The first five editions took place at the Stade Charléty in Paris, but in 2010 it was held at Annecy, in 2011 at Nice and in 2012 it was at Albi. It is sponsored by SEAT and is referred to as the SEAT DecaNation.


From 2009 edition on there were also competitions in non-classic events of the decathlon program.

American Leonel Manzano winning the 800 metre event at the 2014 DécaNation

DécaNation is a competition for national teams, who battle it through the ten classic events of the decathlon program. There are 8 participating countries. Each country fields 20 athletes, 1 man and 1 woman per discipline. The concept is summarized in the promotional tagline L'Athlé Devient un Sport d'Equipe, that is, Athletics are Now a Team Sport.


The contest is held at the Stade Sébastien Charléty, a 20,000 seater built on the site of the original Charléty. It was dedicated in 1994, when it hosted the IAAF Grand Prix Final (now the IAAF World Athletics Final). The Grand Prix Final returned to Charléty in 2002. For many years, the site was also home to the Meeting Gaz de France, which became the French leg of the IAAF Golden League in 1999, relocating to the recently opened Stade de France in the process.

Past results[edit]


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