Decatur Boulevard

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Decatur Boulevard
Location Las Vegas
From Cactus Avenue

CC 215
SR 592
SR 589
SR 159
US 95

CC 215
North end past Iron Mountain Road

Decatur Boulevard is a major north-south section line arterial in the Las Vegas metropolitan area located on the west side of the city.


Decatur Boulevard is situated in the west of Las Vegas and runs for roughly 25 miles along a north-south axis. At the southern end, at the junction with West Cactus Avenue, the road becomes Southern Highland Parkway. U.S. Route 95 delineates the road as South Decatur Blvd. and North Decatur Blvd. It is crossed twice by the Las Vegas Beltway, and provides access to North Las Vegas Airport.[1]

Part of the southern section of the Boulevard is known as the location of a number of live music venues.[2] Notable places located along the road include Arizona Charlie's Decatur[3] and an office of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.[4]


Decactur Boulevard was named after the city of Decatur, Illinois in the 1930s by Leonard Frechette, who lived on the junction of the street and Vegas Drive. The city was itself named in honour of Stephen Decatur, a naval officer during the early 19th century.[1]

A $46 million Clark County construction project that widened the widened much of Decatur Boulevard and introduced railroad crossing for both Decatur Blvd and Warm Springs Road under the Union Pacific tracks was completed in summer 2010.[5] Sewerage along parts of the route was renewed in spring 2011.[6]

Public transport[edit]

RTC Transit Route 103 functions on this road.[7]


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