December Heat

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December Heat
Detsembrikuumus (2008).jpg
Directed by Asko Kase
Produced by Artur Talvik
Written by Mihkel Ulman
Lauri Vahtre
Starring Sergo Vares
Liisi Koikson
Tõnu Kark
Mait Malmsten
Tambet Tuisk
Carmen Mikiver
Ain Lutsepp
Cinematography Kjell Lagerroos
Edited by Tambet Tasuja
Distributed by Ruut Pictures
Release date
  • 16 October 2008 (2008-10-16)
Running time
100 minutes
Country Estonia
Language Estonian

December Heat (Estonian: Detsembrikuumus) is a 2008 historic action drama film about the 1924 Estonian coup d'état attempt directed by Asko Kase and starring Sergo Vares.


"December 1924. It's only a matter of minutes whether Estonian young independence continues to exist or we become a province with minor importance of big communist Russia. Independence which seems so self-evident today depends at that moment on couple of random coincidences." [1]


  • Sergo Vares as Tanel Rõuk.
  • Liisi Koikson as Anna Rõuk.
  • Ain Lutsepp as Julius Saarepuu.
  • Piret Kalda as Maret Saarepuu.
  • Emil-Joosep Virkus as Joosep Saarepuu.
  • Tambet Tuisk as Specialist.
  • Mait Malmsten as lawyer Jaan (prototype: Jaan Anvelt).
  • Tiit Sukk as factory owner Indrek.
  • Rain Simmul as Head of Intelligence.

Historic people


Actual conscripts from Tallinn's Guard Battalion were used to play the part of the mass-up soldiers.

Notes and references[edit]

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