December Wolves

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December Wolves
Origin Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Genres Black metal
Years active 1993 - present
Labels Wicked World Records, Earache Records, Hammerheart
Members Brian Oblivion
Scott DeFusco
Past members Tim Donovan
Jeff Beckwith
Mike Beckwith
Brian Bergeron
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December Wolves are a Salem, Massachusetts - based black metal band formed in 1993. Their first demo appeared in 1994.[1] So far December Wolves has released 3 albums. On newer material the group goes in a more experimental/industrial 'post-black' direction. They are currently working on new material.[2]


Track listing

"Wolftread" (Self-Released, 1994) Track listing

  1. Towers... (Intro)
  2. The Towers of My Stone Cold Dwelling Over the Mountains and Cliffside Landscapes
  3. 'Neath Our War Hammer
  4. Throughout the Midnight Mist

"Til Ten Years" (Hammerheart Records, 1995) Track listing

  1. Ode To The Master Therion
  2. The Night That I Died
  3. Our Centuries Have Been Found
  4. Lycanthropy: Yonder Through Ice Storms
  5. Til Ten Years
  6. When The Clouds Cry
  7. Outro

"We Are Everywhere (Promotional EP)" (Hammerheart Records, 1997) Track listing

  1. We Are Everywhere
  2. Not of Tainted Blood

"Completely Dehumanized" (Wicked World Records, 1998) Track listing

  1. Conditioned By The Thoughts That I Transmit To You
  2. Completely Dehumanised
  3. We Are Everywhere
  4. Time Flies When You Wish You Were Dead
  5. Friday The 13th
  6. The Gard Division
  7. My Bible
  8. Not With Tainted Blood
  9. To Kill Without Emotion

"Blasterpiece Theatre" (Earache Records, 2002) Track listing

  1. Warning
  2. Desperately Seeking Satan
  3. April Fools' Day
  4. Do Not Entry
  5. Kolobos
  6. Porn Again Christian
  7. Public Aquarian Freebase
  8. Solid Gold Beating
  9. Sharing Needles
  10. Disclaimer
  11. To Kill ... Again

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