Decimus Haterius Agrippa

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For other with this surname, see Agrippa (disambiguation).

Decimus Haterius Agrippa was the son of the orator and senator Quintus Haterius.[1] He was plebeian tribune in AD 15 and vetoed proposals; was praetor in 17, consul in 22. Agrippa at one time strongly urged the emperor Tiberius to nominate a limited number of political candidates from each family. He died in 32, a victim of Tiberius' reign of terror.[2] He is not to be confused with Postumus Agrippa, his half-uncle.

Tacitus describes him as a "somnolent creature". He married Domitia, daughter of Antonia Major and Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus. Their only child was Quintus Haterius Antoninus (cos. AD 53).

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Political offices
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