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Decision Games
Industry Game publishing, magazines
Founded 1988
Founder Christopher Cummins
Headquarters United States
Products Wargames, magazines

Decision Games is a wargaming company founded by Christopher Cummins that publishes Strategy & Tactics magazine. The company has bought the rights to many Simulations Publications games and is reprinting many of them, as well as creating new, original games that vary in complexity.[1]

The company publishes several magazines, which include:

  • Strategy & Tactics, which includes a game covering various military events in every issue;
  • World at War, which covers World War II and also includes a game in every issue;
  • Modern War, which covers the period since World War II and hypothetical future wars and also includes a game in every issue;
  • Fire & Movement, which covers the wargaming hobby and includes articles on wargaming techniques and reviews of new wargames.


The company was founded in 1988. In 1989, it started Desert Fox Games, which specialized in selling new and used wargames from various companies.


Games published by Decision Games include:

Printed Board Games

Computer Conversions

  • D-Day at Omaha Beach
  • D-Day at Tarawa
  • War in Europe
  • RAF: Lion

Original Digital Games

  • Nuts! The Battle of the Bulge
  • Battles of the Ancient World
  • Congo Merc


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