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Flavius Decius (floruit 529-546) was a politician of the Eastern Roman Empire. A member of the Decia gens, he was appointed Consul Ordinarius for 529 without colleague.

Decius was the son of Basilius Venantius (consul in 508), and brother of Decius Paulinus (consul in 534); according to Alan Cameron and Diane Schauer, Decius had at least further brother who was appointed to the consulate.[1]

In December 546 Decius is attested as patricius in Rome. That same month, when the King of the Ostrogoths Totila overcame the Byzantine defences and entered the city, Decius along with Rufius Petronius Nicomachus Cethegus, the president of the Senate (who had been consul in 504), and Anicius Faustus Albinus Basilius (who had been consul in 541) fled Rome with general Bessas.[2]


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Further reading[edit]

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Preceded by
Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus Augustus II,
Post consulatum Mavortii (West)
Consul of the Roman Empire
With: II post consulatum Mavortii (Gaul)
Succeeded by
Flavius Lampadius,
Rufius Gennadius Probus Orestes