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Deck13 Interactive
Industry Video games
Founded 2001
Headquarters Frankfurt, Germany
Key people
Jan Klose (Creative Director)
Florian Stadlbauer (Executive Director)
Thorsten Lange (Head of Technology)
Timm Schwank (Head of Art)
Products Ankh
Jack Keane
Number of employees
Slogan Reaching out for new frontiers

Deck13 Interactive is a German video game company based in Frankfurt, Germany. They are best known for adventure games like Ankh, Ankh: Heart of Osiris and Jack Keane.


Prior to the founding of Deck13, the company's founders had been active in the games market for four years with the company Artex Software which focused on the development of games for RISC OS. After Deck13 Interactive was founded in 2001, the tactical action shooter Stealth Combat was released for Microsoft Windows. The label Artex Software is still being used for the publishing of low budget and special interest games.

In 2005, the humorous adventure game Ankh was released, which was a remake of the 1997 game Ankh: The Tales of Mystery by Artex Software. As the product sold very well and won several awards (especially in Germany), the sequel Ankh: The Heart of Osiris was produced and released almost exactly one year later, reusing elements of the previous title. In August 2007, the adventure game Jack Keane was released which was similar to the Ankh series in terms of graphics and gameplay but which was set in England and colonial India. The third part of the Ankh series, The Battle of the Gods, was released in Germany on November 19, 2007. One of their latest games, the role-playing game called Venetica was released in September 2009 and was the first RPG to be published by the company. Afterwards, Deck13 Interactive was working on Blood Knights, a comic hack and slash for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 which was released in 2013 as well as on a yet not announced multiplatform title.


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