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WildBrain Studios

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WildBrain Studios
IndustryAnimation, Live Action
ProductsAnimated television series

WildBrain Studios is a Vancouver-based studio and a subsidiary of WildBrain which produces animated and live-action programming.


In January 2016, DHX Media announced that they would be building a new 60,000 square-foot studio in Vancouver that would focus on both animated and live-action productions.[1][2] The former Studio B Productions (which DHX Media acquired in 2007) and Nerd Corps Entertainment (acquired in 2014) production teams were relocated to the new building later in the year.[1][2]

The former Nerd Corps team focuses on the production of CGI animated shows, while the former Studio B team focuses on the production of 2D animated shows (including those animated with Adobe Animate).

As of 2019, the Vancouver studio is the only one remaining in the division, as the other owned studios were ether sold off or closed.





Former Studios

DHX Studios Halifax

DHX Studios Halifax
Halifax Film Company (2004–2006)
Halifax Film (2006–2010)
DHX Media Halifax (2010–2016)
Private (2004–2006)
Subsidiary (2006–2018)
IndustryTelevision production, broadcasting
FateMerged with Decode Entertainment
PredecessorSalter Street Films
SuccessorDHX Media
Founded2004; 16 years ago (2004)
OwnerDHX Studios
ParentDHX Media (2004–2018)
IoM Media Ventures (2018–present)

DHX Studios Halifax was originally known as the Halifax Film Company and was established by former Salter Street Films executives Michael Donovan and Charles Bishop in May 2004.[7] Under the name, Halifax Film produced live-action television shows, children's stop-motion series, CGI productions and dramas.

On May 16, 2006, Halifax Film and Decode Entertainment announced that they would merge to form the holding company DHX Media.[8] Halifax Film became a subsidiary of DHX Media in the process. In 2010 all DHX Media subsidiaries including Halifax Film were all merged to form one brand under the DHX Media name.

In 2014, the studio relocated from a location at Purdy's Wharf to the Park Lane Mall.[9] As of 2019, with the exception of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, DHX Studios Halifax solely produces CGI-animated material.

In November 2018, as part of its ongoing restructuring and streamlining, DHX announced the sale of its Halifax animation studio to IoM Media Ventures, a new company led by former DHX CEO Dana Landry.[10][11] Despite the sale, the studio continues to provide animation for Wildbrain-owned shows.

List of Shows

Live Action
Stop Motion
CGI Animation

DHX Media Toronto

DHX Media Toronto
Decode Entertainment, Inc. (1997–2010)
DHX Media Toronto (2010-2011)
Private (1997–2006)
Subsidiary (2006–2011)
IndustryTelevision production, broadcasting
FateMerged with Halifax Film Company, ceased producing content
Founded1997; 23 years ago (1997)
OwnerDHX Studios
ParentDHX Media

DHX Media Toronto was founded in 1997 as Decode Entertainment by Steven DeNure, Neil Court and John Delmage. The company produced numerous television shows and was an international supplier of television and interactive programming for children and youth. Decode Entertainment focused on traditional animation, computer generated animation and live action shows.

On May 16, 2006, Decode Entertainment and Halifax Film announced that they would merge with to form the holding company DHX Media.[8] Decode Entertainment became a subsidiary of DHX Media in the process, and became DHX's main division: distributing Halifax Film shows and other DHX properties. In 2010 all DHX Media subsidiaries including Decode Entertainment were all rebranded under the DHX Media name.

By 2011, DHX Media ceased production on producing content at the Ex-Decode offices. The company known as Epitome Pictures, which DHX acquired in 2014, assumed the name of DHX Studios Toronto in 2016, but it has no relation outside the name.

List of Shows

Live Action


DHX Studios Toronto

In 2016, the company formerly known as Epitome Pictures was renamed to DHX Studios Toronto, and produced live action shows.

On April 2, 2019, DHX announced they were planning to sell off the building[14], ceasing operations at the Toronto studio in the process.


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