Decoration for Meritorious Services

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Decoration for Meritorious Services
Awarded by President of South Africa
Status Replaced in 1986

The Decoration for Meritorious Services was an honour conferred by the pre-1994 Government of the Republic of South Africa, usually upon those appointed as State President of South Africa.

Postnominal letters[edit]

The conferral of this honour entitles the holder to the use of 'DMS' in English after their names or 'DVD' in Afrikaans after their name. It was superseded by Order for Meritorious Service in 1986.[1] Since 1994, this honour is classified as a Commonwealth of Nations honour.


A five-armed gold Maltese cross, displaying a golden protea flower on a blue roundel in the centre of a 5-pointed diamond-studded star, all superimposed on a multi-rayed silver and gold plaque (obverse). It is worn on a neck ribbon.[2]

Selected recipients[edit]


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