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Decoryah was an underground Finnish doom metal band formed in 1989 and disbanded in 1997. The band came to worldwide attention with their first album Wisdom Floats which is an early example, in the contemporary Doom Metal scene, of use of male clean voices and female voices. Decoryah members were very young at the time, nevertheless their first album was influential in the dark/doom scene.


Main line-up[edit]

  • Jukka Vuorinen - vocals, lead- & acoustic guitars, bass guitar
  • Jani Kakko - rhythm- & lead guitars, bass guitar
  • Mikko Laine - drums and percussion

+ Add. persons

  • Jonne Valtonen – keyboards
  • Sini Koivuniemi – female vocals, flute
  • Karolina Olin – female vocals, violin
  • Anna Pursiheimo – cello
  • Maria Aspelund – vola
  • Piritta Vainio – female vocals

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