Dedications (Toshiko Akiyoshi Trio album)

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Dedications (Toshiko Akiyoshi Trio)
Dedications ToshikoAkiyoshiTrio.jpg
Studio album by Toshiko Akiyoshi
Released 1976
Recorded Sage and Sound Recording Studio, Hollywood, CA, 1976 July 19, 20, 21
Genre Jazz
Length 39:30
Label Discomate
Producer Toshiko Akiyoshi
Toshiko Akiyoshi chronology
Solo Piano
(1971)Solo Piano1971
Dedications II
(1977)Dedications II1977
Alternative Cover
Alfa Records CD cover
Alfa Records CD cover

The jazz trio album Dedications was recorded by pianist Toshiko Akiyoshi in Los Angeles in July 1976 and was released by Discomate Records in Japan. This recording is not to be confused with the 1977 Inner City Records (USA) release of the same name, Dedications, which was also released by Discomate in Japan, but under the title Dedications II.

Track listing[edit]

LP side A

  1. "I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart" (Ellington) – 4:21
  2. "Miss Blue Eyes" (Mariano) – 5:45
  3. "Django" (Lewis) – 6:05
  4. "Rio" (Feather) – 3:53

LP side B

  1. "Wind" (Watanabe) – 6:01
  2. "Reets and I" (Harris) – 4:42
  3. "Don't Be Afraid, The Clown's Afraid Too" (Mingus) – 5:34
  4. "Let The Tape Roll" (Tabackin) – 3:09


References / external links[edit]

  • Discomate DSP-5001
  • Alfa Records (Japan) ALCR-161