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Dee Marie
Born Seattle, Washington
Occupation Author
Nationality American
Genre Historical Fantasy

Dee Marie is an American novelist of historical fantasy, as well as a journalist, artist, professional photographer and former magazine editor.

Marie has studied British, Celtic, and Druid history with a focus on Arthurian legends. As part of her studies, she has traveled to historical Arthurian sites in Britain. The first novel in her Arthurian saga, “Sons of Avalon”, was published in 2008 by Conceptual Images Publishing.[1]

Awards and recognition[edit]


  • I knew a Girl Who Sang the Blues (Inside Cover)[7]
  • Sunday Afternoon and The Wrath of Dionysus (Page 24)[8]
  • Pumping Iron and Dee Does Picasso (Inside and Front Cover)[9]
  • If You Got an Itch (Page 8) [10]


  • Renderosity Magazine Bondware Inc. Publisher, Managing Editor (2002–2003)
  • Renderosity Magazine, Bondware Inc. Publisher, Editor-in-Chief (2004)
  • “The Rim (Renderosity Interactive Magazine)” Bondware Inc. Publisher, Editor-in-Chief (2005–2006)
  • “Renderosity Front Page News,” Bondware Inc. Publisher, Contributing Columnist (2006 – present)


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  • Sons of Avalon, Merlin’s Prophecy (2008), Conceptual Images Publishing, ISBN 978-0-615-15052-9
  • Sons of Avalon, Lot’s Revenge, (2011) Conceptual Images Publishing (forthcoming, December 2011)

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