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A veggie burger with deep-fried avocado (below the top bun)

Deep-fried avocado is a dish prepared using avocado that has been breaded or battered and deep-fried.[1][2] Panko bread crumbs are sometimes used.[1][3] The dish can be stuffed with meats, cheese and other ingredients.[4] The avocado inside the breading or batter may melt after the deep frying occurs.[2] Deep-fried avocado with an egg placed inside the avocado is a breakfast dish.[5] Deep-fried avocado is also used as a main ingredient in deep-fried avocado tacos, as an additional ingredient or topping in tacos,[2][6][7][8] and sometimes as a hamburger topping.[9]

Avocado fries[edit]

Fried avocado wedges with a dipping sauce

Avocado fries is a type of fries dish prepared using avocado instead of potatoes.[10][11] The avocado is typically sliced into strips, breaded or battered, and then deep-fried.[11] The breading or batter may be seasoned, and salt can be sprinkled atop the dish after deep-frying occurs.[12][13] It is sometimes served as an appetizer or starter dish, and may be accompanied with a dipping sauce.[11][14] Avocado fries can also be cooked by baking.[15][16] Avocado fries have less carbohydrates compared to fries prepared using potatoes.[17]

Commercial preparations[edit]

In 2011, attendees at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California, consumed 10,000 slices of deep-fried avocado.[18]

The Cheesecake Factory, a restaurant chain in the United States, has purveyed a deep-fried avocado egg roll dish.[19]

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