Deep Bay crater

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Deep Bay crater
Canada.A2002236.1810.721.250m NASA.jpg
NASA satellite map of Reindeer Lake showing the Deep Bay crater at the south end
Impact crater/structure
Confidence confirmed
Diameter 13 kilometres (8 mi)
Age 99 ± 4 million years old (Cretaceous)
Exposed No
Drilled Yes
Coordinates 56°24′N 102°59′W / 56.400°N 102.983°W / 56.400; -102.983Coordinates: 56°24′N 102°59′W / 56.400°N 102.983°W / 56.400; -102.983
Country Canada
Province Saskatchewan
Deep Bay crater is located in Saskatchewan
Deep Bay crater
Deep Bay crater
Location of the Deep Bay crater in Saskatchewan

Deep Bay is a bay near the south-western tip of Reindeer Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada.[1] The bay is strikingly circular and very deep (220 m) in an otherwise irregular and shallow lake. It is the deepest body of water in Saskatchewan.[2]

The bay was formed in a 13 km wide impact crater. The age of the crater is estimated to be 99 ± 4 million years (Cretaceous).[3]


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