Deep Blood

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Deep Blood
Deep Blood.jpg
Directed by Raffaele Donato
Joe D'Amato (uncredited)
Produced by Joe D'Amato
Written by George Nelson Ott
Starring Frank Baroni
Allen Cort
Keith Kelsch
James Camp
Cinematography Joe D'Amato
Distributed by Filmirage
Release date
  • 1989 (1989)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Deep Blood (also known as Squali / Sharks and Sangue negli abissi/ Blood in the Abyss) is a 1989 Italian shark attack film directed by Raffaele Donato and Joe D'Amato and written by George Nelson Ott. It was edited by Kathleen Stratton, and contained original music by Carlo Maria Cordio. The film was made in Italy by Filmirage S.r.l. and Variety Film Production.[1]


Four boys, Miki, John, Jason and Alan, make a pact of blood to seal their bond of friendship. Ten years later, the boys reunite as young men and decide to go on a holiday together. But a killer shark ruins their plans. It attacks the beach community and kills John while he's swimming. The three remaining friends decide to avenge John's death and hunt the beast. Their task won't be easy, since a legend says that the beast is an incarnation of an ancient hoodoo spirit that has taken the form of a killer shark. The boys set an underwater trap for the shark, and try to lure it into an area in which they have planted powerful explosives. Although there are a couple of gory shark attacks, the shark hardly appears in the film, and when it does, it appears to be stock footage from some other movie.


  • Frank Baroni
  • Allen Cort
  • Keith Kelsch
  • James Camp
  • Tody Bernard
  • John K. Brune
  • Margareth Hanks
  • Van Jensens
  • Don Perrin
  • Claude File
  • Charlie Brill
  • Mitzi McCall
  • Trae Mahoney


As of 2011, the film has still not been officially released in the United States in any home video format. It was released on DVD in the Czech Republic in 2009.[2]

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