Deep Chills

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Deep Chills
Lords of Acid Deep Chills.jpg
Studio album by Lords of Acid
Released April 10, 2012
Recorded 2011
Genre Electro-industrial, electronic rock, acid techno[1]
Label Lektroland, Metropolis Records, dpulse recordings
Producer Lords of Acid
Lords of Acid chronology
Greatest T*ts
Deep Chills
Smoking Hot
Singles from Deep Chills
  1. "Little Mighty Rabbit"
    Released: 27 September 2011[2]
  2. "Pop That Tooshie"
    Released: 16 March 2012[3]
  3. "Paranormal Energy"
    Released: 1 May 2012[4]

Deep Chills is the fifth studio album from Belgian electro-industrial band Lords of Acid.[5][6] It was released on April 10, 2012 on Metropolis Records and marks the band's first studio album in 12 years.[7] It is also their first studio album to be released on Metropolis. With the exception of Praga Khan, who founded the band, Deep Chills features an entirely new lineup from previous releases and marks the first time an American vocalist to take on vocal duties for an album.

The album features guest vocals from porn star Alana Evans on "Pop That Tooshie", as well as vocals from Zak Bagans, star of Ghost Adventures and host of Paranormal Challenge, on the track "Paranormal Energy". The collaboration with Zak Bagans has spawned a collaborative side project between Bagans and Khan titled Necrofusion.[8] In addition, there is also a song dedicated to the official Lords of Acid fan club and online community, Children of Acid.

The album's cover art was designed by Karl Kotas and is a spoof of Cheap Thrills by Big Brother and the Holding Company.[9]


The album's production was halted on April 19, 2011 when a recording session at Lords of Acid's Belgium-based recording studio was interrupted by a police raid.[10] Neighbors had complained of "hedonistic chantings" coming from the studio. Khan and the studio staff were detained and questioned for three hours by the police. Following their release, police refused to release Khan's ID card to him until he agreed to submit to a drug test.

The album's production also took an unexpected turn during a May recording session when Khan's studio computer took on a life of its own and began writing its own music.[11] Khan described the experience, stating "While working on a new Lords of Acid track tremendous fear shook my heart as I tried to edit a melody line on my cubase. All of a sudden it felt like the computer came to life, notes started to change position creating a new melody, completely different from the original one." He went on to say there was no way his computer could have been hacked as it was not connected to the internet. This "ghost track" was turned into the song "Paranormal Energy".

Deep Chills is the first album to take to social media outlets asking fans what subject matter they wanted on the album. Fans were allowed to vote and name songs on polls through Facebook.

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[12]
Popmatters 6/10 discs[13]
Spin 3/10[14]

Allmusic gave the album a three and a half star rating, saying that "Deep Chills is an odd comeback, filled with that cheeky, whip-crack spirit one minute and a squeaky-clean '90s soundtrack attitude the next."[12]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Little Mighty Rabbit" Praga Khan, Erhan Kurkun 4:37
2. "Drowning in Ecstasy" Praga Khan, Erhan Kurkun 4:54
3. "Long Johns" Praga Khan, Glenn Engelen 4:56
4. "Sole Sucker" Praga Khan, Glenn Engelen 4:16
5. "Pop That Tooshie" (featuring Alana Evans) Praga Khan, Glenn Engelen 4:35
6. "The Love Bus" Praga Khan, Erhan Kurkun 3:20
7. "Children of Acid" Praga Khan, Erhan Kurkun 5:34
8. "Hot Magma" Praga Khan, Erhan Kurkun, Glenn Engelen 4:23
9. "Medicine Man" Praga Khan, Erhan Kurkun 7:06
10. "Censorship Blows" Praga Khan, Erhan Kurkun 4:33
11. "Slip 'n Slide" Praga Khan, Erhan Kurkun 3:31
12. "Mary, Queen of Slots" Praga Khan, Erhan Kurkun 3:10
13. "Paranormal Energy" (featuring Zak Bagans) Praga Khan, Glenn Engelen 4:34
14. "Surfin' Hedgehog" Praga Khan, Erhan Kurkun 12:47
Hidden track
No. Title Writer(s) Length
14. "Paranormal Energy" (Remix) Praga Khan, Glenn Engelen  

Music videos[edit]

Three videos were officially released in support of the album. The first was "Little Mighty Rabbit", followed by "Pop That Tooshie" (both of which have "remix" videos) and finally the "banned" video "Long Johns". "Long Johns" almost didn't see a release after it was originally rejected by the Apple TV censors. It appeared May 15, 2013 on adult video site XTube nearly one year after the video was finished.


  • Murv Douglas – bass
  • Maurice Engelen (aka Praga Khan) – vocals, synthesizers and programming
  • Mea Fisher (aka DJ Mea) – vocals
  • Andre Karkos (aka Virus) – guitars
  • Kirk Salvador – drums and electronic percussion
  • Glenn Engelen – additional music and arrangements
  • Erhan Kurkun – additional music and arrangements