Deep Creek Hot Springs

Coordinates: 34°20′22″N 117°10′37″W / 34.33944°N 117.17694°W / 34.33944; -117.17694
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Deep Creek Hot Springs
Deep Creek Hot Springs and Deep Creek, 2019
LocationSan Bernardino County, California near the town of Hesperia
Coordinates34°20′22″N 117°10′37″W / 34.33944°N 117.17694°W / 34.33944; -117.17694
Elevation4,500 ft.
Deep Creek Hot Springs is located in California
Deep Creek Hot Springs
Location of Deep Creek Hot springs in the Mojave Desert
Deep Creek Hot Springs protected area
Governing bodySan Bernardino National Forest,
United States Forest Service
The main Hot Pool, there is a smaller one below about 31⁄2ft. wide and 6 to 7 feet long and 2ft. deep it's called "The Crab Cooker" for a very good reason !
Deep Creek Hot Springs: the Upper Main Pool, fed by hot springs.

Deep Creek Hot Springs, DCHS, are natural hot springs located in the northern Mojave Desert section of the San Bernardino National Forest, near Hesperia in San Bernardino County, Southern California.[1]


The springs are in the rain shadowed desert foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains on the Deep Creek fork of the Mojave River. They are in a large bouldered riparian zone, surrounded by a rich habitat ecotone of the xeric shrublandsdesert chaparral, montane chaparral and piñon-juniper woodlands, and conifer forest plant communities.[1]

The Southwestern Arroyo Toad—Bufo californicus, an endangered species, lives along Deep Creek.[1][2]


Deep Creek Hot Springs, being located next to Deep Creek, provides both hot and cold water locations for clothing optional bathing. The site is managed by the San Bernardino National Forest[1] and is maintained by a volunteer group, the Deep Creek Volunteers.[3] Water from the creek or pools is not advised for consumption. The hot pools contain a rare and sometimes fatal disease called primary amoebic meningoencephalitis.[4] Very high fecal coliform counts are found in the hot springs as well.[4]

The hot springs can be reached via three main hiking routes to reach the Hot Springs. The shortest route is the Bowen Ranch / Freedom Trail, at approximately two miles each way.[5] The Bradford Ridge Path is approximately a 2.6 mile one-way hike from the south.[6] The PCT passes through Deep Creek Hot Springs and can be reached from the Lake Arrowhead area, 6 miles each way.[7]

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