Deep Cuts, Volume 2 (1977–1982)

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Deep Cuts, Volume 2 (1977–1982)
Queen - Deep Cuts 2.jpg
Compilation album by Queen
Released June 2011[1]
Recorded 1977–1982
Genre Rock
Length 52:09
Label Island
Producer Various
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Deep Cuts, Volume 2 (1977–1982)
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Deep Cuts, Volume 2 (1977–1982) is a compilation of Queen tracks between 1977 and 1982. Like its predecessor, (Deep Cuts, Volume 1), it contains Queen songs that are less well known.

Deep Cuts Volume 2 was released simultaneously as the second five reissues of the Queen studio albums (News of the World, Jazz, The Game, Flash Gordon and Hot Space) - all the songs are sampled from these five albums. According to the liner notes, in the version of "Jealousy" included in this release, "the bass drum", that was accidentally left out of the mix on the original album version, has been reinstated here, offering the song as it was always intended to be (sic).[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Mustapha" (from Jazz, 1978) Freddie Mercury 3:01
2. "Sheer Heart Attack" (from News Of The World, 1977) Roger Taylor 3:27
3. "Spread Your Wings" (from News Of The World, 1977) John Deacon 4:34
4. "Sleeping on the Sidewalk" (from News Of The World, 1977) Brian May 3:07
5. "It's Late" (from News Of The World, 1977) May 6:27
6. "Rock It (Prime Jive)" (from The Game, 1980) Taylor 4:33
7. "Dead on Time" (from Jazz, 1978) May 3:23
8. "Sail Away Sweet Sister" (from The Game, 1980) May 3:33
9. "Dragon Attack" (from The Game, 1980) May 4:18
10. "Action This Day" (from Hot Space, 1982) Taylor 3:34
11. "Put Out the Fire" (from Hot Space, 1982) May 3:18
12. "Staying Power" (from Hot Space, 1982) Mercury 4:12
13. "Jealousy" (from Jazz, 1978) Mercury 3:13
14. "Battle Theme" (from Flash Gordon, 1980) May 2:20


[citation needed]

  • Freddie Mercury: lead and backing vocals, piano, synthesizer, keyboards, synth bass on "Staying Power".
  • Brian May: lead guitar, lead vocals on "Sail Away Sweet Sister" and "Sleeping on the Sidewalk", falsetto vocals on "Put out the Fire", backing vocals, synthesizer, percussion.
  • Roger Taylor: drums, percussion, lead vocals on "Rock it (Prime Jive), co-lead vocals on "Sheer Heart Attack and "Action This Day", backing vocals, synthesizer, rhythm guitar and bass guitar on "Sheer Heart Attack".
  • John Deacon: bass guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, rhythm guitar on "Staying Power".


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