Deep Dwarven Delve

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Deep Dwarven Delve
L3ModuleCover lores.jpg
The cover of Deep Dwarven Delve, with art by Wayne Reynolds. The artwork depicts three adventurers confronting a giant snake with the head of a fanged man.
Code L3
TSR Product Code 9844
Rules required Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition
Character levels 3 - 6
Campaign setting Generic or Greyhawk
Authors Lenard (Len) Lakofka
First published 1999
Linked modules
L1 L2 L3

L3 Deep Dwarven Delve is a Fantasy Adventure Module or "module" for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st edition).

Plot summary[edit]

Publication history[edit]

Deep Dwarven Delve is a sequel to L1 The Secret of Bone Hill and L2 The Assassin's Knot, written as the concluding adventure in the "L" series. Len Lakofka completed the manuscript in 1979 for the 1st Edition AD&D rules, although it was not published and lay forgotten in the TSR design vault for twenty years. The manuscript was eventually recovered, and as part of the Dungeons & Dragons game's Silver Anniversary celebration, L3 was finally published as one of the modules available as a limited release as part of the Dungeons & Dragons Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition set released in 1999.[1] However, in discussions at, Lakofka has stated that the rewrite he had done with one of Wizards of the Coast's editors had gotten lost, and the published version was "about 80% of what the first draft of the module was."[2]

Lakofka published a sequel in 2009, Devilspawn, which was released through Dragonsfoot.[3]



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