Deep Foundations Institute

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The Deep Foundations Institute
Formation 1976
Type Construction Association
Headquarters Hawthorne, New Jersey
James A. Morrison
Key people
Theresa Rappaport, Executive Director

The Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) is an international membership association of contractor, engineers and suppliers in the field of design and construction of deep foundations and excavations. The organization is classified as a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation under the United States Internal Revenue Code. DFI was formed in 1976.

The institute functions via the volunteer activity of its members, including an 18-member board of trustees, and through the management of its staff located in Hawthorne, New Jersey.

Mission statement[edit]

The institute is organized to serve as a primary means for members to participate in improvement of the planning, design and construction aspects of deep foundations and deep excavations. The basic mission of the institute includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. To affiliate contractors, engineers, owners, material suppliers, equipment manufacturers and other persons concerned with the planning, design and construction of deep foundations and protection of deep excavations.
  2. To improve and extend knowledge of new ideas and practices of geotechnical design, construction and installation.
  3. To encourage and participate in the practical application of research related to deep foundations and deep excavations.
  4. To gather, catalog and disseminate information to effect the most economical design and construction for support of structures on deep strata and for protection of deep excavations.
  5. To improve understanding by the public and by government bodies of the deep foundation industry.
  6. To establish contacts with other groups working on related goals in the United States and abroad.
  7. To participate in or conduct such other activities as will best promote these foregoing purposes.

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