Deep Gold

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Deep Gold
Deep gold poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Michael Gleissner
Produced by Elliot Tong
Les Nordhauser
Written by Michael Gleissner
Frederick Bailey
Starring Bebe Pham
Jaymee Ong
Michael Gleissner
Laury Prudent
Kersten Hui
Music by Erik Godal
Jaye Muller
Ben Patton
(Muller and Patton)
Cinematography Rick Robinson
Edited by Kristoffer Villarino
Distributed by Bigfoot Ascendant
Release date
  • April 22, 2011 (2011-04-22)
Country United States
Language English

Deep Gold is a 2011 action film directed by Michael Gleissner and produced by Bigfoot Entertainment.[1] Filmed in and around the islands of Cebu and Palawan in the Philippines it stars Bebe Pham, Jaymee Ong and Laury Prudent.[2][3]


Amy Sanchez (Bebe Pham) is a champion free diver who breaks a crucial free diving record. Her boyfriend, Tony dela Cruz (Jack Prinya), an Air Force Pilot, mysteriously disappears along with his plane that carries gold worth millions of dollars that was to be taken to the Central Bank.[4][5]

Determined to unearth the truth, she goes off to find out what has actually happened accompanied by her sister Jess Sanchez (Jaymee Ong). She moves on her adventurous journey not knowing that she herself is going to get entangled into a trap of lies that will lead her to a much more complex conspiracy.[6][7]


  • Bebe Pham as Amy Sanchez
  • Laury Prudent as Lulu
  • Michael Gleissner as Benny Simpson
  • Kersten Hui as Chang
  • Kelsey Adams as Young Amy
  • Jose Ch. Alvarez as Librarian
  • Madel Amigable as Little Girl #1
  • Charry Aying as Little Girl #2
  • Markéta Bělonohá as Franchesca
  • Leigh Carcel as Fiona Rabanes
  • Grace Hutchings as Young Jess
  • Amelia Jackson-Gray as Claire Simpson
  • Mon Lacsamana as Henchman Fred
  • Charles Lastierre as Air Traffic controller #2
  • Chiqui Lastierre as Newspaper Girl
  • Ian Lim as Sgt. Gabriel
  • Joe Mercado as General Cordova
  • Jude Moore as Frank Townsend
  • Richard Magarey as Frank
  • Qt del Mar as Rachel Sanchez
  • Larry Mercado as Colonel Diaz
  • Earl Mullen as Henchman Larry
  • Jaye Muller as Himself
  • Jaymee Ong as Jess Sanchez
  • Ben Patton as Himself
  • Jack Prinya as Tony dela Cruz
  • Miguel Ramirez as Henchman Mike
  • Lorenzo Ramos as Ignacio
  • Pakawat Suphanakhan as Tony Calderon
  • Allan Tercena as Henchman Allan
  • Joel Torre as Ranulfo
  • Senyo Torre as Mallman
  • Grean Villacarios as Power Company Guy
  • Thomas Watter as Hans


Deep Gold received a majority of negative reviews, scoring 3.3/10 on IMDb and 32% on rotten tomatoes

Esteemed Mickmeister brownass critic Josh Hammontree labelled the film "the greatest cinematic experience of my life".


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