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Deep Thinka Records
Deep thinka logo.png
Founded 1997
Founder Anthony Caferro
Robert Hill
Distributor(s) The Orchard
Genre Indie hip hop,
Country of origin  United States
Location Buffalo, NY
Official website

Deep Thinka Records is an independent record label and booking agency based in Buffalo, New York. Founded by Anthony Caferro (Tone) and Robert Hill (Speed) in April 1997, it is the largest and most prominent hip-hop label in Upstate New York. Deep Thinka Records produces, publishes and books hip hop music, tours and events geared toward organizing the community, as well as developing strategic partnerships with other independent businesses.[1] The label is proudly independent and active in such operations as Artist Management, Artist Development, Tour Booking, Visual/Film Production, Social Media Marketing and Street Promotion. The current roster includes acclaimed independent artists such as Blueprint, Substantial (rapper), Count Bass D, Billy Drease Williams, Paulie Rhyme, Chuckie Campbell, Tanya Morgan, and Fresh Kils.[2]


Deep Thinka Records began as an ambitious idea out of a University of Buffalo dorm room,[3] has now grown into the most influential independent Hip Hop label in "The Queen City" of Buffalo. The label has dedicated itself to expressive artistic revolution, skillful and innovative music, social consciousness and aims to counterbalance the brash materialism, meat-headed misogyny, and glorified violence that have become synonymous with popular rap.[4]

The name of the label was borne out of a collaborative song entitled "How The Real Crew Bang", recorded in 1996 and 1997 for an early internet hip hop crew called Ill Crew Universal (ICU). Caferro felt the previous ICU mixtapes during that time featured primarily California or overseas based artists, and wanted to record a posse cut with ICU members located in the eastern USA for the crew’s third mixtape: The Death of Hip Hop.[5] The song ultimately featured DTR co-founder Robert "Speed" Hill as well as Jason "Furious" Floyd; Iz-Real, The Joker, Quest One, and Kid Logik. In the interest of cohesion, the artists involved decided to credit themselves collectively for the song, and eventually they settled on "Deep Thinkaz". [6] Shortly after the release of the mixtape, Caferro and Hill decided to form an indie label based on the positive experience of working together, and the exuberant support and response to the song, and "Deep Thinkaz" became Deep Thinka Records. The label was originally formed as a personal partnership in 1997; and in 2001, was legally formed as a Limited Liability Company in the State of New York.[7]

From 2004-2009, DTR, alongside Billy Drease Williams curated the annual Art of Hip Hop event in Buffalo. The Art of Hip Hop focuses on educating young people in Western New York on art, music, mathematics and business. [8]

Current Talent Roster[edit]

Past Talent Roster[edit]

  • Almax
  • Ajent O
  • Atherton
  • Analog
  • Billy Drease Williams
  • Catastrophic Minds aka Catastrophic
  • Cavalier Johnson
  • Cinemaddicts
  • Circe Madina
  • Classic Material
  • Coolzey
  • Cup Fulla Nasty
  • Danny Switchblade
  • DJ Anubus
  • DJ Biz:E!
  • DJ Cutler
  • DJ J-Destiny
  • DJ Rukkus
  • Edotkom
  • Eimaj
  • Fresh Guac
  • Frigid Giant
  • Gr& Phee
  • Iz-Real
  • Joker
  • Keith Concept
  • Ketchup Samurai
  • Kool Taj the Gr8
  • Lady Rezult
  • Lamec
  • Lazarus aka Ex-S-Ov Jargon
  • Loki Da Trixta
  • Mad Dukez
  • Mic Bronto
  • Michael the Archangel aka Ningishzidda
  • Moka Only
  • ONE Nation
  • Pseudo Intellectuals
  • Rhyson Hall
  • Ripsquad aka Rime Royal
  • Siege
  • Spittin Image
  • Street News
  • The Breadmakerz
  • The Deck of Cards
  • The Immortal MicUnion
  • The Leathers
  • The Regiment
  • Third Son
  • Tone At (Pseudo Slang / Pseudo Intellectuals)
  • Wise Mecca
  • X-Now the Last Emcee


  • Lamec - Trilogy
  • Billy Drease Williams - I Like It
  • Billy Drease Williams - DUI
  • Billy Drease Williams - Get Free
  • Billy Drease Williams - Shut The Gate
  • Billy Drease Williams - Just Doin’ It
  • Billy Drease Williams - Run
  • Billy Drease Williams - Run (Remix)
  • Classic Material - Check The Rhyme
  • Mad Dukez - Monsters
  • Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils - Sexspionage
  • Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils - Bootleg Bartenders
  • The Breadmakerz - In The Air
  • Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils - Sookie Sookie
  • Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils - Valley View
  • Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils - World Wide
  • Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils - Decadent Dead



  • Ice On Water 12" Single (Ripsquad)


  • Godly Math (Michael the Archangel)


  • O.R.I.O.N. (The Immortal Micunion)


  • Illa Godz (Ripsquad)
  • Life’s Consequences (The Lady Rezuit)
  • Street News (Lamec)


  • Notes From The Underground (Cinemaddicts)
  • A Declaration of Independents (Immortal Micunion)
  • Freedom Writers b/w Metaphor Metropolis 12" Single (Immortal Micunion)
  • Obsidian : The Altered States LP (Edotkom)
  • The Royalties EP (Rime Royal)


  • Boy Meets World (Xnow)
  • Mythology (Loki Da Trixta)
  • Rebel Radio (hosted by the Ketchup Samurai)


  • Heart of the Game 12" Single (Siege)
  • Broken Mirrors (Spittin Image)


  • Still Raw 12" Single (Rhyson Hall)
  • Rebel Radio 2 (hosted by the Ketchup Samurai & Grand Phee)


  • Detained At The Border (Grand Phee and Rhyson Hall)
  • The Grand Buffet 12" Single (Grand Phee)
  • Spanglish 12" Single (Loki Da Trixta)


  • Rebel Radio 3




  • So Cold (Billy Drease Williams)
  • Classic Material (Classic Material)
  • Good Morning Amy (Billy Drease Williams)
  • Head In The Clouds (Deuce Ellis)
  • Hip Hop In The Flesh (Kool Taj the Gr8)
  • The Leathers (Atherton and pbrain)
  • The Restoration (Catastrophic)



  • Monsters EP (Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils)
  • #MadWork (Mad Dukez)
  • Reform School (Danny Switchblade)
  • No Threat (Atherton)
  • Seven Tracks. One City. Six Senses. (Mad Dukez)


  • Gettin’ Gatsby (Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils)
  • Bridge 2 The Stars (The Breadmakers)
  • The Open Affairs EP (Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils)
  • The Honey 12" Album (Coolzey)
  • Monster In A Man Suit, Volume 4 (Mad Dukez)


  • EDREYS MMIV (Billy Drease Williams)
  • Moar Beets, Volume I (Tone At Pseudo Slang / Pseudo Intellectuals)
  • The Porn Collexxxion (Billy Drease Williams)
  • The Sensation (Mad Dukez)
  • The Inspiration (Mad Dukez & CUFX)


  • MadWang (Mad Dukez & EdWang)


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