Deep cervical lymph nodes

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Deep cervical lymph nodes
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Deep Lymph Nodes
1. Submental
2. Submandibular (Submaxillary)

Anterior Cervical Lymph Nodes (Deep)
3. Prelaryngeal
4. Thyroid
5. Pretracheal
6. Paratracheal

Superior Deep Cervical Lymph Nodes
7. Lateral jugular
8. Anterior jugular
9. Jugulodigastric

Inferior Deep Cervical Lymph Nodes
10. Juguloomohyoid
11. Supraclavicular (scalene)
Drains to jugular trunk
Latin Nodi lymphoidei cervicales profundi
Anatomical terminology

The deep cervical lymph nodes are a group of cervical lymph nodes found near the internal jugular vein.[1]

They can be divided into upper and lower groups,[1] or superior and inferior groups.[2]

Alternatively, they can be divided into deep anterior cervical lymph nodes and deep lateral cervical lymph nodes.

They can also be divided into three groups: "superior deep jugular", "middle deep jugular", and "inferior deep jugular".[3][4]


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