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Deep fried Oreo
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Place of originUnited States
Main ingredientsBatter, Oreo, water, vegetable oil, confectioners sugar

A deep fried Oreo is a dessert or snack consisting of an Oreo which is dipped in batter and deep-fried. It can be served with different toppings or simply with no toppings. Deep fried Oreos are generally made using the Oreo cookies by the Nabisco division of Mondelēz International, but also can be made of other chocolate sandwich cookies.


Deep fried Oreos were first introduced by Charlie Boghosian, also known as "Chicken Charlie" or "The Man Who Fries Everything," a 46-year-old Armenian settled in San Diego, in 2002 at Los Angeles County Fair.[1][2] "There are many other fried foods at the fair, but I specialize in it. I make it my life," Boghosian says about deep fried foods.[1] Aside from the deep fried Oreo, he has also introduced new types of deep fried food every year in different state fairs.[3]

In 2002, Charlie invented the deep fried Oreo by dipping Oreos in pancake batter, deep-frying it, drizzling it with chocolate syrup and serving it with powdered sugar.[1] Since the debut of the deep fried Oreo, it has now become very common at carnivals and is a "cult favorite."[3]

Typical recipe[edit]

A cross-section of a deep fried Oreo

Deep fried Oreos are made with buttermilk pancake mix, Oreo cookies, water, vegetable oil and sugar.[4]

Before any procedures, the oreo cookies are frozen for 3 hours and the oil is preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, the buttermilk pancake mix is stirred with the water in a mixing bowl. The oreo cookies are dipped in the mixture, fully coating the oreos with the batter. The coated oreo cookies are then dropped into hot oil until the cookies turn golden brown. The cookies are removed from the oil and placed on a sheet pan with paper towels for draining the excessive oil. Subsequently, the tops of the fried oreos are dusted with confectioners sugar.[4]


Numerous variations of deep fried Oreos have been derived from the typical recipe since its debut, including bacon deep fried Oreos, deep fried Oreos which are wrapped by a slice of bacon;[5][6] deep fried Oreo ice cream, in which ice cream covered with egg mixture and crushed Oreo cookies is deep fried;[7] and deep fried Oreo Burgers, a deep fried Oreo put within a burger with other fillings, such as meat.[8]


In 2013, deep fried Oreo won the Annual Big Tex Choice in the state fair at Texas.[9]

Furthermore, deep fried Oreo was also introduced on TV shows and viral videos by some celebrities. A popular Taiwanese variety show which is called "Kangsi Coming" also introduced the deep fried Oreo in 2012. In the programme, an American introduced deep fried Oreo. He said it is one of the most popular food in the Taiwanese night market.[10]

In 2013, Kim Kardashian appeared on The Jay Leno Show and she introduced the deep fried Oreo. On the program, Kardashian cooked her deep fried Oreos with Food Network chef Guy Fieri and said of the goodies: "It's like a once-a-year snack."[11]

A famous Japanese YouTuber named Yuka Kinoshita, who is also known as a gurgitator, filmed a video of eating over 30 fried oreos in 2016. The video has exceeded 3 million views.[12]


The deep fried Oreo has become worldwide since its debut in 2002 at Los Angeles County Fair and Texas State Fair. Apart from the original place for tasting --- United States, the deep fried Oreo has been available in different countries all over the world. For instance, United Kingdom[13] in Europe; Hong Kong[14] and Taiwan[15] in East Asia; Singapore,[16] Philippines,[17] and Thailand[18] in Southeast Asia; Canada[19] in North America; Australia[20] in Oceania; and Dubai[21] in Middle East.


As a deep fried fair food, deep fried Oreo has also aroused health controversies. Deep-fried foods are usually high in the calories, total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol. Five deep fried Oreos contain 900 calories and have a total of 51 grams of sugar, 950 mg of sodium, and 48 grams of fat.[22] Deep fried foods have been criticized for tying to various health problems. For instance, the saturated fat and trans fat in deep-fried foods increase risks for high cholesterol, heart disease, cancers and obesity.[23]

In addition, deep fried Oreo is included in a junk food encyclopedia entitled Fast Food and Junk Food: An Encyclopedia of What We Love to Eat by Andrew F. Smith.[24]

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