Deep in the Motherlode

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"Deep in the Motherlode"
Song by Genesis from the album ...And Then There Were Three...
Released 7 April 1978
Recorded September – October 1977
Genre Progressive rock
Length 5:15
Label Charisma/Virgin (UK), Atlantic Records (US)
Writer(s) Mike Rutherford
Producer(s) David Hentschel and Genesis
...And Then There Were Three... track listing
"Burning Rope"
"Deep in the Motherlode"
"Many Too Many"
Music sample

"Deep in the Motherlode" is a song performed and recorded by Genesis, with lyrics and music by Mike Rutherford. It was released as the sixth track on the group's 1978 album …And Then There Were Three….

The song tells a fictional story of a man's travels during the Nevada gold rush and his family's urging for him to get as much gold as he can.

The lyric "Go West, young man" is a reference to a famous phrase by Horace Greeley, who, in a 13 July 1865 editorial, advised: "Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country."

The song was performed live by Genesis on their 1978 tour and was used as a frequent opening number on their 1980 tour, but the song was not performed live thereafter. In Japan and North America it was released as a single, but re-titled as "Go West Young Man (In the Motherlode)",[1] as this line was repeated throughout the song.


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