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Deepak Rao
Major Dr. Deepak Rao pipping ceremony
Major Deepak Rao pipping ceremony
Service/branchTerritorial Army (India) / Indian Army

MD, PhD, DSc (Mili Sc), CLET

Researcher, Scientist, Military Trainer & Consultant Physician

Deepak Rao is an Indian military trainer, scientist, author, and physician and is considered to be a pioneer in the field of close quarter battle training.[1] He was made the brand ambassador[2] of the Territorial Army (India) and the Indian Army along with Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Abhinav Bindra. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Unconventional Commando Combat Academy[3][4] and has been appointed as Resource Personnel for imparting training in close quarter battle by the Ministry of Home Affairs, India.[5] He was commissioned into the Para TA Regiment with the honorary rank of Major by the President of India for his 17 years of contribution to the Indian Army.[6][7][8][9][10][11]


Born in India, Rao grew up committed to the cause of serving his country. Pursuing an education in medicine, he is certified as a MBBS and MD; following which he received a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Health from UK. He also has a PhD in alternative medicine and another in law. Not content as a Certified Law Enforcement Trainer (CLET) from the American Society of Law Enforcement Training, he pursued a Doctorate in Military Science (DSc).[citation needed]


Major Rao training the forces on Rao System of Reflex Shooting
Major Deepak Rao

Rao married Seema Rao. Along with his spouse, he trained thousands of soldiers from the Indian forces for over 18 years researching and innovating the unexplored area of modern close quarter battle (CQB) training.[12]

Rao is responsible for the creation of a new military close quarter battle art called Advanced Commando Combat System (ACCS)[13] which incorporates hand to hand, hand to weapon, weapon to hand and weapon to weapon tactics, small team tactics & CQB simulation exercises.[14][15][16] ACCS is renowned for this innovative technique of close quarter shooting.[15] It advocates a different aiming method from conventional WWII Snap Shooting.[17] This technique was incorporated into the training curriculum of the Corps battle schools of the Northern and Eastern Commands of the Indian Army in 2006-2008. The Rao System of Reflex Fire[18], an innovative method of shooting at close quarters was also pioneered by Deepak Rao.[19][20][21][22]

The ACCS close quarter battle system was taught to 15,000 soldiers of the special forces, including Para commandos, QRT squads, National Security Guards, Marine commandos, airborne commandos and commando wings of city & state police forces from 1994-2012 without compensation.[9][10][23][24]

Honorary rank[edit]

Deepak Rao[25] was granted the honorary rank of Major in the Parachute Battalion TA by the President of India for outstanding contribution beyond the call of duty in area of modernization of Close Quarter Battle training. He was made Brand Ambassador[2][26] to Territorial Army and Indian Army, along with MS Dhoni and Abhinav Bindra. Along with his wife, Dr. Seema Rao, Deepak Rao was appointed as Resource Personnel for imparting training in Close Quarter Battle by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.[5][27][28][29]


Rao[30] has authored Terrorism: A Comprehensive Analysis of World Terrorism,[31] Encyclopedia of Close Combat Ops[32][33] and The JKD of Military Unarmed Combat. The Mind Range[34] is a book penned on philosophy and its application in real life. He has since authored the Commando Manual of Unarmed Combat[35] and the Forces Handbook of World Terrorism,[36] in 2010. In 2012, his new book Handbook of World Terrorism was released. He authored the Tao of Medicine,[37] a book on the fundamentals of healing in 2015. On India's Republic Day in 2018, the Field Book of Explosive Recognition for Anti Terror Ops,[38] was released. His latest work intended to modernize existing UAC training is the Field Manual of Unarmed Combat for the Indian Army Strike to Kill! - Army Battle Combatives[39] which showcases methods designed to cripple, incapacitate and terminate the enemy soldier. He also authored Balidan: Essential Commando Skills for Anti Terror Ops[40].

Rao formed an NGO called Unconventional Commando Combat Academy[41] dedicated to serving the Indian Forces by researching and modernizing Close Quarter Battle training. This NGO has produced technical books on Close Quarter Battle and gifted thousands of copies free to the Indian government forces.[42]


Rao runs a Zen dojo in Mumbai[43]. He has authored books on Zen philosophy like Mind Range and King Sperm and gives motivational talks on Zen[44]. Rao's personal philosophy draws from the philosophy of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Zen, Samurai Bushido and Sun Tzu's Art of War. He is the only certified Jeet Kune Do teacher in Asia under Bruce Lee's original student Richard Bustillo.[1]


Rao is qualified in conventional medicine[45] from King Edward Memorial Hospital, Harvard, Doane, Stanford Medical schools and in alternative medicine from Indian Board of Alternative Medicine. He specializes in no-intervention medicine to provide clinical options to radical surgery or chemotherapy.

Martial Artist[edit]

Rao is a grandmaster with 9th degree blackbelt in unarmed combat[46] certified by the legendary 'O' Sensei Philip S. Porter and by Grandmaster Ric Black, Director General of United States Defensive Tactics Association[47]. He holds the highest rank of Master Instructor in Jeet Kune Do certified by Bruce Lee original student Sifu Richard Bustillo, a Blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu[48][49] certified by Rickson Gracie and a Mixed martial arts coach of India team for Young blood night and International Federation of Full Contact Fighting[50]. He has founded Army Battle Combatives[51] (ABC system) course for Indian forces.

Awards and accolades[edit]

  • World Peace Award by World Peace Congress, Malaysia awarded by the Prime Minister of Malaysia for contribution to the country in 2008.[52]
  • United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2009 for Outstanding Law Enforcement Instructor, accepted by Richard Bustillo in Nashville, Tennessee.[42][53]

Home Minister of India Letter of Commendation in 2009 placing on record the selfless National service in the field of Close Quarter Battle Training.[54]

Armed Forces Citations
  • Army Chief Citation 2001
  • Army Chief Citation 2003
  • Army Chief Citation 2010
  • Army Commanders Appreciation 2006 (NC)[55]
  • Army Commanders Appreciation 2008 (EC)[56]
  • The Rao couple were felicitated for their work in modernization of CQB by the Army Chief Gen. V.K. Singh at the Ministry of Defence.[57]


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