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Gender Female
Language(s) Hindi
Meaning "chain of lamps"
"happiness into one's life"
Region of origin India
Other names
Related names Deepika, Deeyah, Dipali, Dipika

Deepali (hindi : दीपाली) is a Hindu/Sanskrit Indian popular feminine given name, which means "joy", "happiness into one's life"

Notable people named Deepali[edit]

  • Deepali Deshpande (born August 3, 1969), Indian sport shooter.
  • Deepali Kishore (born January 6, 1989), Indian singer.
  • Deepali Pansare (born July 3, 1984), Indian singer.
  • Deepali Pant Joshi (born December 12, 1957), Indian banker, businesswoman and doctor.
  • Deepali Gupta (born October 16, 1995), Associate manager of The Future Academy, a registered NGO located in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Notable people named Dipali[edit]