Deepdene railway station, Melbourne

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Line(s) Outer Circle
Platforms 2
Opened 24 March 1891
Closed 9 October 1927

Deepdene was a railway station on the Outer Circle railway line, located in the suburb of Balwyn, Melbourne, Australia. Located between Abercrombie Street and Whitehorse Road, it was opened on 24 March 1891, along with the line though it, and was named after the adjacent Deepdene House. Two side platforms were provided, along with a loop siding, which was removed on initial closure, but replaced on reopening. For a time, the station was also open for goods.

The station was closed, along with the line, from 12 April 1893. However, it reopened on 14 May 1900, becoming the terminus of the reopened section of the Outer Circle line from Riversdale station. It was served by what became known, ironically, as the Deepdene Dasher shuttle service from Riversdale. The line was reopened beyond Deepdene on 11 February 1925, so that a goods service could be run to East Kew station.

In the 1920s, almost all suburban lines around Melbourne were electrified, but a lack of traffic meant that the Deepdene line was excluded from the electrification program, and the Deepdene Dasher became one of the last steam-hauled passenger services in suburban Melbourne. The service was withdrawn on 9 October 1927, and the station closed to passenger traffic. Goods services to East Kew passed through the site of Deepdene station, until 1943.

The station building was destroyed by fire in 1927, which was believed to have been caused by a swagman.[1] The former departmental residence, which was located alongside the Whitehorse Road level crossing, was demolished in 1938.[1]


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Coordinates: 37°48′35.9″S 145°3′46.8″E / 37.809972°S 145.063000°E / -37.809972; 145.063000