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Deepfrozen is a 2006 film written and directed by Luxembourgian director Andy Bausch and starring Peter Lohmeyer and Lale Yavaş.[1] Filmed in Luxembourg,[2] the film was premiered at Luxembourg on 7 September 2006, and was featured at the Oldenburg International Film Festival in Germany on 14 September 2007.[3]


Ronnie lives in a small sleepy village and is the owner of a small company for deep-frozen goods. Daydreams, contact ads, the firemen's brassband, the weekly visits at his shrink and his buddy Lars' cynical remarks about air guitar and vinyl-records are the highlights of Ronnie's life. Already, as a kid, he had been under the thumb of his control obsessed mother. Ronnie's feelings are as deep-frozen as his goods. Until the day, a wonderful being (one of the female kind) strands in the village. The local priest hires the young girl, with the name of Zoya, as housekeeper and within days, every male of the village is infatuated with her. Ronnie also falls for Zoya and, lucky for once, marries her. However, since the presence of Zoya, strange things have happened in the village. Everybody who tries to search in Zoya's unknown past dies, disappears. Slowly that well-known fear sneaks into Ronnie's body: man's fear of women.


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