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Gender Female
Language(s) Indian
Meaning "the last ray of hope when all hope is lost"
"a bright flame that blinds the eye"
Region of origin India
Other names
Related names Deepta, Deepthi, Dipti

Deepti ([Nepalese]]: दीप्ति) is a Hindu common feminine given name, which means "the last ray of hope when all hope is lost". It basically means "a bright flame that blinds the eye". In Sanskrit, Deepta, means "light", "glow", "shine", "brilliant" or "a person who spreads light to people around". It is also known by the spelling Deepthi in south India and Deepti/Dipti in north India.

List of people with the given name Deepti[edit]

  • Deepti Bhatnagar (born September 30, 1967), Indian actress.
  • Deepthi Nambiar (born July 11, 1986), Indian film actress.
  • Deepti Naval (born 1952), Indian actress, director, writer, painter, and photographer.
  • Deepti Sati (born January 29, 1995), Indian actress and model.


  • Deepti is one of the names of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • The light from a Deep (or Diya) is also known as Deepti