Deer Creek (Allegheny River)

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For other uses, see Deer Creek (disambiguation).
Deer Creek
Origin 40°41′04″N 79°54′09″W / 40.6844444°N 79.9025°W / 40.6844444; -79.9025
Mouth 40°32′07″N 79°50′22″W / 40.5353000°N 79.8394000°W / 40.5353000; -79.8394000
Basin countries United States
Mouth elevation 725 feet (221 meters)
River system Allegheny River

Deer Creek is a tributary of the Allegheny River located in both Allegheny and Butler counties in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.[1]


Deer Creek joins the Allegheny River at the township of Harmar.


(Mouth at the Allegheny River)

  • Little Deer Creek [2]
  • Long Run [3]
  • Rawlins Run [4]
  • Blue Run [5]
  • Cunningham Run [6]
  • Cedar Run [7]
  • Dawson Run [8]
  • West Branch Deer Creek [9]

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