Deer Lake (Newfoundland and Labrador)

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Deer Lake
Deer Lake NFLD002.JPG
Location Newfoundland, Canada
Coordinates 49°05′33″N 57°34′22″W / 49.0925°N 57.5728°W / 49.0925; -57.5728Coordinates: 49°05′33″N 57°34′22″W / 49.0925°N 57.5728°W / 49.0925; -57.5728
Primary inflows upper Humber River
Primary outflows lower Humber River
Basin countries Canada
Settlements Deer Lake, Pasadena

Deer Lake is a lake situated in the western part of the island of Newfoundland, Canada.

Its name is derived from the nickname European settlers to the Humber River valley gave to the Woodland Caribou, who termed these animals "deer".

The town of Deer Lake is situated on the northeastern shore of the lake at the outlet of the upper Humber River. The lower Humber River drains Deer Lake near the village of Pasadena.