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Deer Park is a school serving grades Junior Kindergarten through 8. Deer Park is located at 23 Ferndale Avenue, just north of St. Clair Avenue in the neighbourhood of Deer Park, Toronto. The school is serviced by the TTC by its St. Clair Station. Deer Park has been serving the community for almost 125 years. William Waldman is the current Principal and the current vice-principal is Chris Gorczynski. Deer Park has a student council that is run by one, Nicholas Manning; who was also the gifted Core teacher until the gifted program was discontinued, he is now a mainstream core teacher. Most students leaving Deer Park attend either North Toronto Collegiate Institute or Northern Secondary School.


Deer Park Junior and Senior Public School is a three story building, with classrooms dedicated to visual arts, design and technology, science, music, drama and dance for Grades 7 & 8. The school contains a swimming pool as well as a gym, enabling all students to benefit from a swim program as part of their physical education. Its facility houses two daycare centers for toddlers, pre-schoolers and school-age children.


Deer Park Public School has many teams. They have teams in- Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey, Badminton, Swim, Basketball, Football, Track and Field and others. All sports teams have both a male team and a female team. The swim team is run by Ms. Jamieson and Mr. Neil. The swim team has a record of making the city finals every year. Most of the other teams are run by the gym teacher- Mr. Mann.


Deer Park is located almost directly across the street from St. Clair Subway Station. St. Clair, as well as being located on the Yonge Subway is the terminus for the 512 St. Clair Streetcar as well as the terminus for the 74 Mount Pleasant and 88 South Leaside busses. Much of the school's population lives North of St. Clair.

Full access facility for students[edit]

Deer Park (as of 2013/14) is a designated site for "access", complete with elevator, change tables, automated entry systems and full feature restrooms; allowing students with multiple physical exceptionalities full integration into mainstream classrooms through the Intensive Support Program.