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Deer Valley Unified School District #97 (DVUSD) is a PreK-12 school district, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. DVUSD is the fifth largest school district in the state of Arizona, serving areas of Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Anthem, New River and numerous unincorporated areas of northwest Maricopa County. Situated within the Sonoran Desert, the District has grown from its modest beginnings as a county accommodation school located in New River in 1934 to 37 campuses serving 36,261 students: 15 K-6 elementary schools, 13 K-8 schools, three middle schools, and five comprehensive high schools, plus an online school and an alternative school. Early childhood education opportunities are offered through DVUSD Community Education Preschool/PreKindergarten (15 sites), and Head Start (five sites). Twelve schools receive Title I funding. District facilities include District Office, Support Services Center, Transportation and Administrative Services.


Student ethnicity
  • White: 71 percent
  • Hispanic: 18 percent
  • Asian: 4 percent
  • Black: 3 percent
  • Native American: 1 percent
Free and reduced-price lunch program
  • 21 percent of all DVUSD students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch programs.
Attendance rate
  • District Rate: 95 percent
  • State Rate: 94.6 percent
Graduation rate
  • Class of 2007: 91 percent
  • State Rate: 80 percent
Drop out rate
  • District Rate: 3 percent
  • State Rate: 4.3 percent

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