Deerhunter/Hubcap City Split

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Deerhunter/Hubcap City Split
DeerhunterHubcap City.jpg
EP by Deerhunter/Hubcap City
Released 2006
2008 (repress)
Recorded 2006
Genre Ambient, indie rock
Length 9:40
Label Rob's House Records rhr007

Deerhunter/Hubcap City Split was a 7" vinyl, which featured music from Deerhunter and Hubcap City. It was released in 2006 on Rob's House Records. 300 were pressed on black vinyl, all of which sold out. In 2008, the 7" was repressed, however only the Deerhunter song appears on the repress. The Deerhunter/Hubcap City Split is the 7th in a series of releases by Rob's House Records specialising in bands from Atlanta, Georgia.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Grayscale" - 4:05

Hubcap City

  1. "Mad House" - 5:35

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