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Defence Housing Authority
LocationLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Opening19 March 1975[1]
OwnerPakistan Army

The Defence Housing Authority, Lahore (DHA Lahore) (Urdu: اختیاریہَ دفاعی اقامت کاری ، لاہور‎) is a housing society located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Much like Askari Housing Society, Lahore, DHA too was originally built for army officers and their families (as Civil & Defence Officers Cooperative Housing Society and later as Lahore Cantonment Cooperative Housing Society - LCCHS), however, currently both civilian and military families can reside there.[2]

The area has also undergone extensive gentrification, bringing in a more wealthy base. The recent influx of population from the adjoining areas has also given birth to a number of problems and the crime rate has gone up. As a result of this, DHA guards have stepped up patrolling but crime is on a continuous rise.[3]

During the past five years, developers have claimed extraterritorial land, which has increased new development in the area. New developments include a world-class golf resort in partnership with Bandar Raya of Malaysia in Phase 6 of DHA and a shopping and office complex in partnership with Global Haly of the United Kingdom in Phase 2 of DHA. All these high rise constructions go against the norms of DHA.

DHA encompasses two famous shopping centres, known as the 'Y-block' market[4] and the 'H-block' market,.[5] Y-block has also had the honor of playing host to one of Lahore's first tattoo shop as well.[6] DHA Y Block also has a Sports Club, gym, and a large commercial swimming pool[7] (design, execution and supply & installation of pool equipment by Jopic Pool[8])and other sports facilities for the community. DHA Lahore main office was also located at Phase III, Sector Y but the management has decided to relocate the office at Phase VI, Sector A, just to accommodate number of people, who visit office on daily basis.[9] There are other smaller commercial markets in DHA- like T block which has many cafes - like Hot spot, Jammin - Java and various other salons. T block commercial area also has the first swimming pool & spa equipment display center called Olympic Pool.

Two international standard sports complexes have been planned in the area and construction has started on the projects as of 2011.

Planning and development[edit]

Currently, DHA has nine phases, from phase 1 to phase 9 that are open for possession of the civilian population. The remaining two phases, from phase 10 to 11 are either in the process of development or have not seen the start of development even. Each phase has a number of sectors or blocks having English alphabets as their names which are further subdivided into plots for the construction of houses ranging from the land area five marla (approx. 1361 square feet) to 2 Kanals (approx. 10890 square feet). Each phase also has a central commercial area for shops and offices catering to the community. The phases of the most construction and population are the Phases 1 to 5, with Phase 6 and 7 being the least developed. The overall plan of Phases 1 to 4 displays an older style of town development with narrower roads, streets and grassy areas, also without underground wiring for electrification, while also lacking sector mosques. Phase 5,6 and 7 being the most recent in terms of planning and development show sixty feet roads as well as broader streets, with underground electrification and each sector or block having its own mosque.

On 29 November 2018, the DHA announced completion of a signal free corridor, for road traffic, linking Walton Road and Phase-V's exit. All sectors falling on this route i.e. Phase-I, II & V benefit from this fast track traffic facility.[10][11]


Defence is divided into 10 subdivisions (or phases), which each phase being subdivided further into blocks. Each phase also has a central commercial area to cater to the local community. Housing construction began from Defence I and proliferated east and south towards what is today Defence VII. The remaining four phases (Defence VIII, IX, XI, XII) are currently under development. Housing plots range from five marla (approx. 1361 square feet) to 2 kanals (approx. 10890 square feet). The central headquarters was originally located in Defence III, Sector Y but relocated to Defence VI, Sector A to accommodate more residents in the neighbourhood.[12]

Phase Sectors
Defence I [13]
Defence II [14]
Defence III [15]
Defence IV [16]
Defence V [17]
Defence VI [18]
Defence VII [19]
Defence VIII Under development[20]
Defence IX Under development[21]
Defence XI Known locally as Defence Rahbar[22]
Defence XII Known locally as Defence EME[23]

Health care[edit]

The main hospital situated in the heart of DHA is The National Hospital. Alternative hospitals within easy reach of DHA can be found on the Defence Main Boulevard (the road leading to the main DHA entrance). In addition to the hospitals, small clinics can be found in markets all over. Many pharmacies can also be found scattered throughout.


The DHA Education System (DHAES) operates a number of schools and colleges offering education to residents of the DHA.[24] Established in 1993, the prime responsibility of DHAES is to provide quality education at an affordable fee structure to the students of DHA and its suburban areas. Started with two Schools, but now it boasts of eight following institutions which include two colleges and five schools and Centre of Excellence – a Training Institute for teachers’ career progression.

  • DHA Kindergarten
  • DHA Junior Campus T Block
  • DHA Junior Campus Z Block
  • DHA Senior School for Girls
  • DHA Senior School for Boys
  • Defence College for Women
  • Defence College for Boys

DHA is home to various educational institutes, including LUMS University (Lahore University of Management Sciences) and the Lahore School of Economics (LSE). Other institutes in the DHA include Ibn-e-Sina College (named after the philosopher), the Lahore Alma School, Lahore Grammar School, which has branches all over Lahore and Learning Alliance, which also has branches in Faisalabad and Gulberg. The Beaconhouse School System operates a branch here. An elite Kids Campus, DHA Kindergarten and Defence Degree Colleges for boys and girls and Lahore Model School (LMS)are also present. Lahore's first Urban Learning-based Activities Center, The Knowledge Factory is also located in Phase 2 of DHA.

Real estate[edit]

DHA is regarded as one of the most expensive communities in Lahore.[25] Real estate in Pakistan underwent a boom during the early and mid 2000s when overseas Pakistani starting sending substantial amounts of their savings back home after 9/11. As of 2016, statistics at reveal that an average 500 yards(1 kanal) plot are priced at 15 million (US$91,000)[26][27][28] reported in February 2013 that property for rent and sales in Defence have performed phenomenally well[29] despite a general stagnancy in Lahore's real estate market over the past five years.[30]

In the budget for 2016-17, Government has levied Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and advance withholding Tax on real estate, this has negatively impacted the property market.

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