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Defence Laboratory
Established16 May 1959 (1959-05-16)
Research typeApplied
Field of research
Materials and electronics
DirectorShri Ravindra Kumar
LocationJodhpur, Rajasthan, India
26°16′18″N 73°2′16″E / 26.27167°N 73.03778°E / 26.27167; 73.03778Coordinates: 26°16′18″N 73°2′16″E / 26.27167°N 73.03778°E / 26.27167; 73.03778
Operating agency
DRDO Ministry of Defence

Defence Laboratory (DLJ) is westernmost located, an strategically important laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Previously located in Ratanada Palace (now a DRTC training centre), Jodhpur, now shifted to the New Technical Complex (NTC). It is responsible for the development and manufacture of electronics and materials required for modern warfare and weapon systems. Main research fields are Materials and electronics.

Its mission is development of Radio Communication Systems, Data links, Satellite Communication Systems, Millimeter Wave Communication systems.

There are three divisions in laboratory:

  1. Camouflage and Low observation technology Division
  2. NRMA(Nuclear Radiation's Management and Applications) Division
  3. Desert Environment Science and Technology Division

The name suggests the primary functions of these groups, further in these divisions there are various groups working on different technologies. DLJ (Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur) has developed several nuclear radiation monitoring systems and camouflage techniques for the Armed Forces of India. Few scientists are also engaged in field of microbiology and biotechnology.