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The Defence Medical Services (DMS) are an umbrella organisation within the Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom, which organises all medical, dental and nursing services within the British Armed Forces.


The Defence Medical Services are commanded by the Surgeon-General (currently Vice Admiral Alasdair Walker), and consist of Joint Medical Command, the Defence Dental Services and the medical services of each individual service (Army Medical Services, Royal Navy Medical Service and the RAF Medical Branch).[1]


The DMS' 7000 general practitioners, dentists, consultants, nurses and surgeons provide healthcare for around 258,000 personnel within the United Kingdom's Armed Forces. Hospital care is provided via Ministry of Defence Hospital Units located within National Health Service hospitals, as the Armed Forces no longer run dedicated Military hospitals. The main centre is the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.[2] There are smaller units at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


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