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The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus (Russian: Министерство обороны Республики Беларусь, Belarusian: Мiнiстэрства абароны Рэспублікі Беларусь) is the government organisation that is charged with the duties of raising and maintaining the Armed Forces of Belarus. The formation of the ministry began in 1992, after the events of 1991 in which the Soviet Union had effectively dissolved. Seven officers have served as Minister of Defence of Belarus: Petr Chaus, Pavel Kozlovskii, Anatoly Kostenko,[1] Leonid Maltsev (1995–96), Colonel General Alexander Chumakov, a Russian officer, (1996–2001),[2] Yuriy Zhadobin (2009–2014), and Andrei Ravkov (2014-present).

The ministry is part of the Security Council of Belarus, interdepartmental meeting with a mandate to ensure the security of the state. The President, Alexander Lukashenko, appoints the Minister of Defense, Andrei Ravkov since 2014, who heads the ministry, as well as the heads of the armed services. These four appointees meet with the Secretary of the Security Council every two months. Security Council decisions are approved by a qualified majority of those present.

The ministry is composed of five main directorates, two main departments, one minor department, an agency and General Staff. It was created on 20 March 1992.

List of Ministers of Defense[edit]

Pyotr Chavus (1992)

Pavel Kazlouski (1992-1994)

Anatol Kastsenka (1994-1995)

Leanid Maltsau (first term, 1995-1996)

Alyaksandr Chumakou (1996-2001)

Leanid Maltsau (second term, 2001-2009)

Yury Zhadobin (2009-2014)

Andrei Raukou (2014-present)


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