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Defence Secretary of Pakistan is the highest bureaucratic position within the Ministry of Defence of Pakistan. Following is the list of the defence secretaries to date. At times the post has been designated Secretary General of the Ministry of Defence.

List of Defence Secretaries[edit]

Name of Defence Secretary Entered Office Left Office
Maj Gen Iskander Mirza October 1947 May 1954
Akhter Husain June 1954 August 1957
Muhammad Khurshid March 1958 June 1959
S Fida Hussain July 1958 August 1961
Nazir Ahmed August 1961 September 1965
S Fida Hussain September 1965 June 1966
S I Haque June 1966 December 1966
S. Ghias Uddin Ahmed December 1966 August 1973
Maj Gen (R) Fazal Muqeem Khan August 1973 October 1977
Ghulam Ishaq Khan (Secretary General) October 1975 July 1977
Lt Gen Ghulam Jilani Khan (Secretary General) October 1977 April 1980[1]
Rasheed Ud Din Arshad May 1980 September 1980
Maj Gen (R) M Rahim Khan November 1980 December 1985
Asif Rahim June 1981 June 1984
Aftab Ahmad Khan February 1984 August 1985
Ijlal Haider Zaidi August 1985 November 1989
Salim Abbas Jilani November 1989 November 1996
Hasan Raza Pasha November 1996 May 1997
Lt Gen (R) Iftikhar Ali Khan May 1997 October 1999
Lt Gen (R) Naseem Rana October 1999 March 2001
Lt Gen (R) Hamid Nawaz Khan March 2001 May 2005
Lt Gen (R) Tariq Waseem Ghazi May 2005 April 2007
Kamran Rasool April 2007 November 2008
Lt Gen (R) Syed Athar Ali November 2008 November 2011
Lt Gen (R) Naeem Khalid Lodhi November 2011 January 2012
Nargis Sethi January 2012 July 2012
Lt Gen (R) Asif Yaseen Malik July 2012 August 2014
Lt Gen (R) Alam Khattak August 2014 August 2016
Maj Gen Muhammad Abid Nazir (Acting) August 2016 August 2016
Lt Gen (R) Zamir ul Hassan Shah 26 August 2016

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